New Pinnacle ADCP Data Dive

Presenters:  Paul Devine, Sales Manager, Teledyne Marine and Sam Berry, Field Operations Manager, RPS Group

Date: Wednesday, December 15, 2021
Time: 11.00 AM - 11.45 AM EST (4.00 PM - 4.45 PM GMT)

Join Paul Devine (Teledyne RDI) and Sam Berry (RPS Group) for this webinar. They will share the outcomes of a recent deployment using Teledyne's new Pinnacle ADCP on an offshore platform. Sam will introduce you to RPS, give details on the deployment, and share his experience using this new system compared to our traditional 38 kHz ADCP; while Paul will educate and entertain you with an introduction to the Pinnacle and review of the long-range data set that was collected with it.

About the Presenters:

Paul Devine: Paul Devine was trained as a coastal engineer and successfully deployed (and retrieved) a number of ADCPs for sediment transport studies.   After joining RD Instruments in 1999, Paul has been helping customers to collect reliable oceanographic information from both shallow and deep water moorings.  Paul gets very excited by low frequency swells, western boundary currents and stable moorings that produce high quality ADCP data.

Sam Berry: Sam has over 20 years of experience as an oceanographer. His expertise includes the design, deployment, and recovery of deepwater oceanographic systems. Sam has project management experience in various measurement and data acquisition systems for the energy sector worldwide. He is the Field Operations Manager for our metocean, science and technology, leading the operation, maintenance, and execution of metocean field projects and integrating mechanical, communication, and electrical systems to disseminate real-time oceanographic data. Sam also has experience writing and implementing project-specific safety plans while managing personnel requirements for individual projects operating simultaneously worldwide.


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