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Recorded Webinars 

Product/Software Training

Teledyne RDI Q-View Software Introduction

A quick introduction to Teledyne RDI's new Q-View data QA/QC software design to operate with TRDI's WinRiver II software for inland ADCP applications.

Brand: Teledyne RDI
Product: RDI Q-View Software
Trainer(s): Jim Rogers
Length:  < 6 minutes

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Feature Marine Tech Talk Podcast

Episode 21 - Studying the Fish Biodiversity of Mesophotic Reefs in Bermuda

In this episode we talk to Tim Noyes, an earlier winner of our Academic Grant and now the winner of our Teamwork Makes the Dream Work award for this year's Teledyne Marine Photo Contest. Tim explains the photo, a bit about his PhD work at BIOS and some exciting data they were able to capture during a recent deployment of their Teledyne RD Instruments ADCP.

To learn more about BIOS and the work that Tim and the team are doing you can follow @biosstation​ on Twitter and Instagram. You can follow Tim on Twitter if you search for his handle: @fieldnoyes​.

We believe the best way to learn from each other is to share our collective field and laboratory experience. 
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Introduction to the Teledyne PDS Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge application

This movie is an introduction to the PDS Trailing Suction hopper Dredge application. The movie demonstrates how a vessel configuration looks for a hopper dredger, the Acquisition with a brief description of the used views and the calibration utility to calibrate the suction tubes, the load and draught and the vessel empty weight.

Brand: Teledyne PDS
Product:  Teledyne PDS 
Length:  < 20 minutes

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Featured Case Study

Vision Beneath the Ice -  Using Teledyne 3D Mechanical Scanning Sonar to Inspect Bridge Footing Damage and Scour

Teledyne works extensively with civil engineering dive and inspection teams around the world to help enhance the deliverables to their customers using both 2D and 3D imaging sonar. The data from these sonars helps prioritize engineering decisions for inspection, repair, and maintenance, and verifies that work is completed to specifications.
Read how the BlueView BV5000 was used by the Minnesota Department of Transportation to inspect bridge footing under ice for damage and scour.

Technology Addressed: BlueView BV5000

Introducing the vLBV II ROV from SeaBotix – Enhanced Capability and Performance

Join Dan Shropshire, VP Sales and Marketing, as we introduce our latest vehicle offering the SeaBotix vLBV II.  The vLBV II is our next generation light inspection-class ROV which is based on our highly successful vectored Little Benthic Vehicle (vLBV).  The vLBV II provides exciting new capabilities by taking advantage of hardware and software advancements made to our core architecture over the past several years.  

Upcoming Live Webinars

Unveiling the Power of Teledyne PDS

​Presenter: Alrik van Valkenhoef, Senior Engineer, Teledyne Marine
Wednesday, November 25, 2020

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM EST (3:00 PM - 3:30 PM GMT)

Teledyne PDS is a multipurpose software platform used to collect and process data, and support a wide range of tasks for Hydrography, Dredge Guidance, Construction Support, Search & Recovery Operations and Port Entrance Monitoring.
Join Senior Engineer Alrik van Valkenhoef as he unveils the powers of PDS. During the presentation you"ll get a global overview of PDS and its features.

Advanced Acoustic Telemetry for Fish Tracking

An industry pioneer for four decades, Innovasea’s groundbreaking tracking technology helps researchers push the boundaries of science to deliver accurate data and the cutting-edge research used to protect habitats and safeguards species. Learn how Teledyne Benthos CM-903 Compact Modems are enabling their VR4 UWM (Underwater Modem) to be used for tracking and recording tagged fish populations.   In this webinar, Richard Vallee, Vice President of Fish Tracking Sales at Innovasea, will introduce you to this innovative technology and guide you through several real-world case studies. 

Engineered Cable Solutions

In this webinar we’ll introduce you to our Teledyne Marine Cable Solutions team comprised of Teledyne Storm Cable and Teledyne VariSystems.  Together, these organization supply engineered solutions for challenging cable situations.  For those unfamiliar with this part of Teledyne Marine, TCS provides application-specific, multi-core cable and ruggedized assemblies to a variety of industries, both on and off the water.  Bryan DeLeon, our North American Sales Manager, will walk you through their multi-facetted solutions and the considerations you must keep in mind when designing your cable and cable assemblies.  This session will end with a Q&A with this topic expert.  Bring us your challenges; we’ll provide the solutions.